Saturday, February 16, 2019

Where is Lulu??? - Martinique

Martinique is south of Dominica and north of St. Lucia

Martinique is one of my favorite islands that we have visited on SandStar! It felt like I was living in France and I have always dreamed of living in France.  It has been French since it was colonized in 1636. This island is also the largest island we have visited this year. Martinique’s streets have dozens of bakeries and a lot of unique shops. It is also the home of a famous volcano, Mt Pelèe.  Mt Pelèe erupted in 1902 and killed the entire town of St. Pierre except one prisoner Ludger Sylbaris. Ludger Sylbaris was in a stone and bomb proof jail cell when the volcano erupted. The cell had no windows and was ventilated only by the narrow grating in the door that was facing away from the volcano.

A view of Mt. Pelèe from our anchorage

The remains of the prison cell

The French are known for their exquisite desserts and pastries. The pastries in Martinique were amazing and we tried to visit a bakery every day! A bakery in St. Anne was open from early morning to the evening and was baking baguettes all day. The French do not believe in buying a baguette in the morning for dinner. You buy the baguettes right before the meal starts. I loved trying all the different desserts in the bakeries especially the chocolate desserts. When we left Martinique, my favorite dessert had to be either the chocolate éclair or the chocolate beignet.

Looks too good to eat!

That is A LOT of baguettes!

This was sooooo good!

St. Anne is also a great place to meet up with friends and have boat parties! One of the last days we were in Martinique we invited Party of Five, Wasabi, Sunsplash, and Frenchie. We had a total of 10 kids on board representing three counties. We swam, played King of the Hill on the paddle board, and played on the boom swing.

This is where King of the Hill turned into Queen of the Hill!

I hoped you enjoyed my post on Martinique I will be posting a blog on St. Lucia and Dominica soon!