Friday, March 16, 2018

Adventures in Eleuthera

My family and I started a hot and sunny day in Eleuthera by renting a car to explore the island. The car wasn’t all that great. It had four temporary tires with over 200,000 miles and no AC. We were told to call when the car broke down. We didn’t get very far before my parents smelled the smoky smell of BBQ and stopped to investigate. The BBQ “restaurant” was in someone’s front yard and was only open Fridays and Saturdays. We had some amazingly delicious BBQ, I had the chicken with rice and peas.

Here is the sign for Under the Tamarind Tree. A little hard to see from the road. 

I have never been to a restaurant like this! 

Beautiful view of the harbor from the restaurant. 

   Next we drove up to a cave that was hidden in a really tall grassy green area. You couldn’t see the cave unless you were standing few feet away from it. To enter the cave we had to go down stairs and each step you took the darker it got. No matter how loud you yelled there was no echo. In the cave there was graffiti everywhere on every wall but some of the names were dated back to the early 1900s. Some people say that pirates used to store their treasure and perishable items in the caves. If you turned off your flash light and stayed quiet you could hear the drip drop noise of water from above falling to the ground.

This is the entrance to the cave. It is easy to miss. 

Just inside the entrance. We can still see daylight.

The graffiti on the wall. Check out the dates. 

The brothers next to some cool formations in the cave.

Making our way through the cave.

This is a big cave! 

I even found a rock to climb on. 

Here is one of the big rooms in the cave.

   After the dark cave my family and I caught one of the last ferries out to Harbor Island. It’s the tourist destination of Eleuthera. There was a boy my age working at the ferry dock holding the ferry for us. The ride was bumpy but not to bumpy, the ferry had a type of engine that made a lot of fumes and that gas smell hung around the boat for the ride. When we got to Harbor Island we rented a golf cart to get around this big island. The golf cart we rented was the coolest golf cart I had ever been in, it had painted cherries on it. All the golf carts from the company had different fruits on them. So you could easily find your cart. When we would stop for a second then start going again our cart made this really loud backfire noise that would get all eyes in the area looking at us. The beach we were heading to was known the pink sand beach. The sand was pink from ground up coral. The beach had these big waves to jump into. So we all quickly changed into our suits When I swam in to them I got a head full of sand and a mouth full of salt water. After a couple of hours we took the ferry back to our car then started to head back to the boat in Hatchet Bay.
    When we got back to the boat I was laying in my bed looking at the bright night sky thinking “ Wow that was a full day”.

This is the ferry dock at Harbor Island.

Here is a picture of the pink beaches.

The boys playing in the waves.

Mommy and Daddy on the pink beach.