Thursday, January 25, 2018

Happenings in Man-o-War Cay

    On Monday we left Guana Cay early in the morning  and I awoke around 8am to the rumble of the engine behind my bedroom wall. Around 8 am and we were ready to raise our anchor and head to Man-o-war key about 10 miles away. So it was a short trip. The motoring was beautiful and the water clear as you could see the bottom the whole way.

  When we got to Man-o-war the entrance was crazy narrow with just a few feet of clearance between the reefs on either side of our boat. After we hooked onto a morning ball we headed into  town to go explore.

Here is the narrow entrance into Man-O-War Cay.

We walked to the grocery store and got some ice cream and whoppers. By the way don't buy the whoppers here they were really stale and tasted like dish soap!
After the grocery store we walked around and the town here is super quiet. A little gray and white dog started following us around it was so cute. It did belong to someone and it had a collar but the collar didn't have any name on it so Sam named him Nico and fell in love with him.

Mommy took a picture with us and Nico. You can see him right next to Sam. 

Nico followed us to the beach which was right next to a baseball field after that we looked around to Albury’s sail shop which had really cool bags. Four ladies sit at their old fashion sewing machines and make bags all day. I got a small tote bag that was green and fits everything inside even my computer plus it had rainbow straps so it was perfect.

What a view from the little league field. Foul balls may end up in the ocean.

Here is the picture of the Sail Shop. It has been open for over 60 years.
Lots to choose from!
Here are the ladies hard at work!
My rainbow bag! 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Turtles Rays, and Pigs in Green Turtle

This is my first blog an I am so excited! Let’s get started, my family and I have been docked in Green Turtle Cay for about two weeks Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos, Bahamas. 

There are pigs, rays, and turtles. Let’s start out with the pigs my family and I have gone to the pigs about two times in the past two weeks. The pigs live on No Name Cay also know at Pigville. Everyone goes there to feed them and bring them water, so we brought them all our leftover food. There are big pigs and small pigs. The big pigs are pretty scary and they fight the other pigs for the food and take the baby pig's food. When I saw this, I was like “How rude!” Warning they can bite (don’t worry it hasn’t happened to anyone I know). The baby pigs are so cute and if you start to pet them they will lay against you and fall asleep. The second time that we went to see the pigs we had brought them some dog treats (a local told us they love them) and they went crazy for it.

Cute, Cute, Cute!!

 I have to admit that the rays were not as fun as the pigs but the place that they were was a small private beach. I didn’t actually see any sharks but my parents saw one little lemon shark. We purchased some frozen squid at the marina office and I feel that I am the only one that thought that holding a dead frozen squid was gross. Anyway, the rays loved the dead frozen squid they ate it up in one bite. There was one baby ray that was cute but the rest of the rays were bigger. Right before we were about to leave this ginormous ray came up behind Sam (my brother) and scared the heck out of him then the ray tried to “apologize” by going against him trying to “pet” him.

The turtles were ok. The beach that they were living near was really pretty. The only problem was that the turtles were really scared of anything. It took them a while to come up and eat the food (the frozen squid again). About five seconds after we started Jack and Sam (my brothers) lost patience and started throwing around and spinning their frozen squid. Eventually they turtle finally came up and ate two of our squid. Hope you enjoyed my first blog!

Here we are waiting for the turtles. Sam is making a fashion statement with his snorkel.